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Skin Care Mask Cotton Hot Compress Towel Wet Compress Steamed Face

Skin Care Mask Cotton Hot Compress Towel Wet Compress Steamed Face

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Method 1: put the facial towel into hot water to soak and wring it dry;

Method 2: Soak the facial towel with water and use it with a face steamer;

Method 3:
1.   Hot compress: put the facial towel into a utensil - microwave oven warm fire (50OW-600W) to heat for 30 seconds or soak it and screw it dry

2.   Cold compress: soak the facial towel and screw it dry and put it into a fresh-keeping bag and refrigerate for about 5 minutes;

Frequency: 3-4 times a week

Water temperature: about 40-50 ℃

Time: 2-5 minutes each time

During the hot compress, after washing the face, fully smear the water emulsion, and apply the face with a facial towel to promote the absorption of skin care products, so as to make the skin full and shiny

Name: Hot compress towel
Style: 2 kinds
01:3 hole
02: single hole
Size: 24*24.5cm
Features: Open skin pores, promote skin absorption, clean skin

Package contents: 1pcs* hot compress towel

Customer Reviews

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Dolly Feest

It's a microbe. It's just a good use.

River Gorczany

It is very pleasant after wearing a warm mask, the pores open and you can clean the skin well.

Oswaldo Emard

Before use, but also with earrings and good

Jay Ledner

Good. Good. Thank you. Thank you. The boss is cheap and the quality is good.

Jimmy Raynor

Order on January 10 and finished shipping on January 17
I made a purchase to remove the boot ~~~
I'll put it back up.
The cloth is soft ~~~😄

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